December Writing
Two innocent children return to the train station after getting caught sneaking into the movies. As they come to the stations door Hugo and Isabel notice the stations inspector. The clocks were not running. Hugo is thinking if they know that his Uncle is gone .Hugo pulls Isabel behind a bench, Isabel questions Hugo what are we doing. Hugo wants to run and as he thinks that he is rubbing the button on his coat. Isabel blabbers on about how Hugo pulled her behind a bench. Hugo walks in the opposite direction, but Isabel grabs him on the shoulder. Hugo escapes her strong grip and runs as fast as he could to the station. Isabel chases him, but Hugo is way ahead of her. Hugo looking back, Isabel knocks down an old man. At that point, the secret is out. The secret is the necklace. Isabel quickly tucks the necklace behind her dress scared and hoping that Hugo did not see it. Hugo thinks how did she get a necklace like that? He helps Isabel up and questions her, how did you get a key necklace like that? They both get up and walk to a café. Hugo sits there facing reality

October Writing

The House
The house is beaten to the bone from all the years it’s been sitting alone. A carpenter and a painter couldn’t fix all the damages that the weather had made to the old house. The house is sitting there as peaceful as can be waiting for a present of a breeze to blow it over. The old house misses the old blue and brown paint that had been on there since the family lived there. The dirt road that sits alone next to the house, as quiet as possible, along with the field’s of dirt. It feels as lonely as a lion at night in a zoo. The rickety house’s boards are falling off into spider webs. In a short time the house will fall but the all the memories will still drift in the breeze.
By Abby Plante

September's Writing

Flying the Mountain?
Abby Plante
Frankie and Spike were 2 best friends all there life. Today they went for a hike up and up and up until they reached the top of the mountain. Spike wanted Frankie to see him fly first before anybody else. It’s time to fly. “Okay go fly” said Frankie and step back with caution. Spike asked “ will you say ready set go.”
“Are you ready”.
“Okay ready, set, go!”
Spike jumps and- what was that. “UH-HO!!!” Spike falls to the ground shocked at that moment from the extremely loud noise. Spike’s fall was fast and hard. Frankie hurries down the mountain, but being careful not to slip. Frankie wanted to make sure he is okay.
“Are you okay”
NOOOOOOOO! OWW! “M-y wing!” said Spike with shaking in his voice. “I’m NEVER going to fly again” said Spike paralyzed in fear.
Frankie took out his phone and dialed 9-1-1! My friend Spike was trying to fly and he got destroyed from. The ambulance came and brought both Frankie and Spike to the Hospital. One day later Spike was in a wing cast

The End