October Writing

This Old House
Amie Dauphine
There is an old house that has creaky boards, shattered windows, and broken down doors. If you go inside you will hear spooky noises like someone is saying help. Help me help me Amie I need you. And within it there is over 100 webs and its really, really dusty and there is skulls and bones with an bucket of blood next to each of them. If you walk past it will sound like someone is walking is inside the house.

September Writing

Amie Scores
By Amie Dauphine
Amie is getting ready to score a goal, she tried to score all week long but sadly she never did. Kyle is guarding the goal feeling confident he is going to win. I’m ready
to win thought Kyle. Amie balances on one foot and strikes the ball with the other foot. The ball goes trashing forward towards the goalie. Kyle reaches his arms out trying to catch the ball thinking he is going to win. He misses the ball by a little and then the ball goes into the next. Amie scores! She feels proud and stretches her arms out and screams “Yes”.