October Writing Sample
The House
By Dylan
The house is waiting for that one gust of air to blow it down. The boards are weathered to the bone. No one ever wanted to buy the house. It has just an old tree in the front yard. Children who used to frolic and play are now angry spirits who don`t want any trespassers. The house is confused why everyone is scared of it. It is still home and shelter to many animals. Soon one day someone will find the good in that house and will start to repair it.

September Writing Sample

Dylan Cordle

Sitting at his desk, Fred is so scared that he could wet his pants. Here comes the death sentence thought Fred as the teacher hands out a biology test. Fred is not ready for this final test because he has flunked every test so far but he has put a lot of work into it. With one sharp pencil in hand and a working brain, could success be possible? He is working so hard that his head could explode. The school bell rang and he did not here it. He was so tired at the end he could barely hand back the test. The teacher yanked the test from his hands. He could not wait to get back his graded test! Here it comes! He could barely look, maybe he could take one little peek. And he`s looking and he`s looking and he looks at it. Is this possible? Did Fred get an A+? He asks the teacher if it is possible and he says he says it is. Fred could not believe it, and felt like he was happiest man on earth. The memory still lives today as he tells this story to his children.