October Writing

The House

By Emily Bean
Outside in the middle of nowhere, an old beat up house creaks in the wind. The house feels so lonely it could blow down in the smallest breeze. The inside and outside is not looking so well. On the outside, the wood is decomposing into many pieces, and on the inside the walls are covered in moss and mold. At one time, all of the walls were panted beautifully. Little children who have raced right thru it. With creepy bones looking at me from the door.
September Writing

The Soccer Game
By Emily Bean
On the soccer field, the girl is focused and ready. She’s feeling good and she’s knows she going to win. She has 1 simple task to do which is to get the ball in the goal. The goalie is ready, his team is cheering on for him. He is feeling good! The girl is ready to kick the ball and the ball goes flying towards the goal! The goalie is ready to capture the ball. The goalie is going to catchech it OOH he misses!!!!