December Writing


Part 2
Hugo and Isabel walk through the train station door the first thing Hugo sees is the train station inspector checking the big clock in the waiting room. Hugo panics he grabs Isabel and pulls her out of sight of the train station inspector. He rubs the buttons on his shirt and wonders if he realizes that his uncle is gone. Would Hugo be put in the cage and be taken away, slowly Hugo started walking in the other direction but Isabel said “Hay answer me Hugo”. Then Hugo started to run and Isabel followed him. Isabel ran after Hugo but then she ran into an old man the old man fell down and so did Isabel. Hugo went to help Isabel up when he noticed a heart shaped key necklace at once Hugo realized that it would fit in the key hole on the back of the automat and that this is his only chance he would ever find another key that fits. Hugo asked Isabel where she got it Isabel said not Intel you tell me where you live but that’s a secret I can’t said Hugo. Isabel jumped up and ran away Hugo followed her till she stopped at the café because she was tired Hugo sat down to.
By Hanzon Hunt
October Writing


By Hanzon Hunt

An old rundown house is waiting for someone to come and claim it as their own. It is no longer filled with warmth, joy and laughter. Every now and then field animals stay the night but do not come out. The only thing you can here is the mice nibbling on dead carcass piled to the brim. The little house awaits the day it to will be decomposed. But the house is not alone because there still remains the old tree, the fields, and the old dirt road that slowly falls apart. Inside, the heart of the old house is missing. Where the children used to play there is only cobwebs and dust. Echoes of soldiers live in the basement.

A man out for a evening walk on the old dirt road passes by the old beaten house he feels a chill run down his spine like on a January morning at 2am. He picked up his pace and got out of there as fast as his two legs could carry him. The next morning he walked the same way because he forgot the old house was there, but this morning the house looked different he could see the houses happy days it had. He saw children running through it. The next morning he packed up his car and drove there and lived in it for many years in till the day it was ripped into ruble and the man went to rest as all people must.

September Writing

The Fear Fall
By Hanzon Hunt
There were two extraordinary specimens having a conversation on the edge of a canyon. “What do you want to do next Frankster” Spike said
“Don’t know” said Frank
“Maybe… …we can see if you can fly”
“Mmm maybe… …ok I’ll try it” said Spike. Be for he could realize it he jumped of the cliff. “AAAA it didn’t work it didn’t work”! Screeched Spike as his body hurtled to the earth terrified.
Frank stared paralyzed in fear, pain and guilt as he watched his friend fall to the earth. Dark, damp, creepy and cold “where am I” said a week voice from Spike… …Grrrrr came a noise from the shelter of a cave in the side of the canyon… all of a sudden black finger jolted out of the cave and tumbled onto him. He woke up from his horrible dream burning in pain. He found himself on the bottom of the canyon flooded with pain and trembling in fear. Frank dashed down to help his fallen friend at the bottom of the canyon in a terrible condition. When Frank got there he examined his injured friend very closely. He noticed a couple of broken bones including a broken wing. Frank panicked then dashed for a phone. When found one he called 911. Help got there just in time. It took a couple of weeks for Spike to recover but after that they were best of friends.