January Writing - Civil Rights
Carl Brashear
Throughout his like Carl, worked hard to break the color barriers in the Navy. Carl Brashear was born in 1931 and grew up as a poor child in Tonieville, Kentucky. He loved swimming (and I mean “loved swimming”). He quit school in 7
th grade to put food on the family’s table. At 18, he went to Salvage School in NJ. He tried and tried to get in the Navy for a long time but finally on February 25, 1948 he got in the Navy as the first black master (Elite) diver. Later on Jan 17th 1966 a B-52 bomber and a KC-135 (tanker) collided near the cost of Polamares, Spain. The B-52 bomber carried 4 nuclear bombs, Brashear tried to recover one but a cable snapped and he lost his leg. After wards he was rushed to the nearest military hospital to save his leg. Later his leg was amputated by Carl’s choice. He became the first amputee Navy diver. On April 1, 1979 he retired from the Navy. Sadly on July 25, 2006 he died from heart failure at 75 years old. He was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia. Carl Brashear was not famous like Olympic athletes. He became famous because he saved lives and never gave up. By Hayden Alden
Hugo and Isabelle get kicked out of the movie and go back to the station. Hugo pulls Isabelle behind a trash can Hugo sees the station inspector. He rubs his coat buttons .He runs the other way,the clocks have stop working. “Where are you going” Hugo doesn’t answer, she say it many more times “how many times will you say that!?!?”Hugo yells “until you tell me where are you going!”
Isabelle chases Hugo, after 5 seconds she crash into a man, as Hugo helps her up, he sees a heart shaped key as a necklace, he knows it will fit in the automaton. They sit at a café and talk

By Hayden Alden

October Writing
By Hayden Alden
This house is dark, damp, falling apart and it looks like it weathered a bomb attack. It’s bad on the outside, and good on the inside. On the outside, boards are falling off. There is fungus growing. Bats are living inside. Everybody thinks it is bad. The field has dead plants, mice scurrying and nibbling on grass. It is really dangerous for anybody to go in there. Just don’t go to the house.

September Writing

The Test
By Hayden Alden
Elvis is not ready for this math test. The test scared the day lights out of him. He has flunked` every test and this was the hardest test of the year. He wished he had stayed in bed today. It was a biggest test he’d ever seen and it was hard.
He was racing the clock. Almost done, he just needed to know the circumference of a circle and struggled to finish. Finally, he has the answer (the answer we can’t tell you because I don’t have the answer).
Handing it in to Mr. Eggshell, Elvis feels nervous. The teacher corrects his test as Elvis hopes for a 100%. Elvis asks but the teacher say “1 second.” The teacher hands it back and says wait until everybody is done. Elvis said he was the last one to finish.
The teacher hands the test back and Elvis peaks at the grade. He sees an A+ and he jumps around.