Having fun in snow!

Welcome to the Fourth Grade at Lafayette Regional School 2009 - 2010!

Welcome Friends From Around the Globe
Our fourth grade class is nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Our students come from three local towns, Franconia, Sugar Hill, and Easton. We are the only fourth grade class at Lafayette Regional School. Inside the classroom students are busy building, creating and contributing to the global world. Our eleven students are eager to start many different projects such as the monster project, global newspaper and pinwheels for peace. To help complete our assignments, each student is provided with a laptop. Outside of school the children spend time in the woods exploring the wilderness. We hope to develop many friendships around the world. To keep track of our classroom and our adventures, visit our website at Also feel free to send an email ( ) or skype (lafayette41).
- Your Friends from The Fourth Grade at Lafayette Regional School