December Writing

The Chase Scene
By Kyle Johnson
Two innocent children were kneeling in a train station hiding behind a bench. Hugo dashed away worriedly, to get to the clocks before the station inspector would realize that he wasn’t, there, but Isabelle chased right after him. But just as Isabelle started to run she ran into an old lady. Surprised, Isabelle was knocked off her feet and a hidden key was knocked loose from it hiding place. As Hugo ran to help up Isabelle the old lady walked away in a huff looking angry. Hugo felt strange and that something good was about to happen. Hugo saw that shape at the end of the key. It was a heart shaped. Hugo needed that key for the automaton so he could read the message his father had programmed into the automaton because there was a heart-shaped key lock in the automatons back. Hugo felt happy, scared, excited, and worried. He just couldn’t wait to see what the message was. Hugo wondered what it the message would be Hugo asked her some questions then, Isabelle and ran off. This time Hugo was chasing Isabelle. Geese, what a crazy girl thought Hugo. Isabelle finally ran out of breath and sat down at a café table.

October Writing

The old rickety house By Kyle Johnson
The old rickety house, sitting there all alone with no one to look at. Its boards were hanging and its window’s were cracked. It feels sad; the only thing it can talk to is the bare skeletons. It misses the children that use to run through it. The trees tap on the windows and the grass shakes. The house listens to the beautiful music it is making. The house was alone again.
Old Mr. Smith was walking down the road. Old Mr. Smith was an old rickety man who lived alone just like the house. He walked past the house and glanced at it. Maybe I could work on the house then it would be beautiful he thought. Old Mr. Smith started to work on the house. Day after day he worked on it. He dusted the mantle place. He swept and mopped the floors. He put new glass windows in. He did everything he could to improve the house
The next morning, he started to put the boards up again. Then a tragic thing happened, Old Mr. Smith fell of the ladder and crashed to the ground. The next day there was a funeral for Old Mr. Smith but the house could not attend. But the house looked brand new with the glow in the fire place welcoming new owners. But soon the house will fall down, but all the memories of the house and old man will still drift in the breeze.

September Writing

The Tragedy on Rocky Cliff
By Kyle Johnson
Frankie was hiking on the mountain when he saw his best friend, Spike. “Hey, Spike, do you want to go to my birthday party” asked Frankie. “Definitely” said Spike. While Spike was talking to Frankie the ground beneath him started to crumble. “WOAH!” screamed Spike. Spike plummeted to the rocks below. Frankie stared in horror at the unforgiving problem. Boy, am I regretting this right know thought Spike. As Spike fell he was stunned, frozen in place. He couldn’t flap his wings. He closed his eyes and waited for the worst. My best friend is falling to his doom, and I’m just standing here thought Frankie. Spike hit the ground with a mighty CRASH! Spike lay there, paralyzed. Frankie looked down at the fallen dinosaur. Then Spike started calling for help as Frankie came running down. Spike told him that he had a broken wing. Frankie carried Spike up the mountain “how you doing’ little buddy” said Frankie. “Not so good” said Spike. Frankie put Spike in his car and called 911. 5 minutes later, they were riding in an ambulance to repair Spike broken wing. “Are you feeling a little better, little buddy” said Frankie. “Nope” moaned Spike. Spike and Frankie finally arrived at the hospital. Spike was taken to the emergency room. Frankie had to wait in the waiting room. Well, Frankie sure got a birthday surprise!