My students have been busy working on the landmark challenge for 2010. Click this link to learn more about the landmark challenge. In short, 48 teams from schools across the globe choose a landmark anywhere on the planet Earth. The individual teams write nine clues for their landmark and the other team try to figure out the landmark using the clues. This challenge takes four weeks. Each week 3 of the nine clues are released to the teams. Also you are allowed to ask three yes or no questions of each team.
We have been busy plugging away at the different landmark and are stumped on this landmark from Team Mendelowe4B in Cinnaminson, NJ. We do know this landmark is in the United States and not related to the Lucy the Elephant from our yes or no question. Do you have any ideas? If so, email our classroom at Tell us about the different search terms you used so we can learn from the process.

1. 65’ high
2. 65 windows
3. a patent was received for this landmark

4. damaged in a hurricane
5. sand dunes
6. It is between 90 75 degrees W longitude

7. First constructed in 1881
8. Burned down in 1896 and was rebuilt
9. There are only two complete continents in this hemisphere